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Welcome to Deebed, your ultimate destination for all your bedding needs!

B&K Homewares Pty Ltd was founded in Tianjin, China in 2008. The purpose of the company is high quality products at very competitive prices. Through 10 years of efforts, our products have been recognized by everyone, and with many manufacturers to establish a good relationship of cooperation. Our products are directly supplied by the manufacture, so our products do not have middleman markup. Australian customers can also enjoy the high-quality products with  affordable products nowadays.

Our company has quilts of all seasons ( including cotton quilt, silk quilt and duvet quilt),extra heavy duty cotton flat sheets and fitted sheets ( including pure cotton fitted sheets, waterproof fitted sheets and winter fitted sheets ), pillow for health and protection of cervical spine, high quality thick material pillow  protector and pillow cases,  and comfortable bed mattress toppers. 

Here I would like to introduce our multi-purpose blanket to all our customers, these blankets are heavy duty pure cotton, good value for money. It can be used all year round. These products have been recognized and sought after by the majority of customers after access to market.

Let the customer can get the value of the product is our company has been pursuing the goal and purpose.

At the same time, the company according to the market and seasonal changes, constantly launch a variety of new products to meet customer requirements.

Welcome to our company!

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